an other gaza

in chaos one man collects

his daughter into a plastic bag

   oh my god the bag is leaking

one kisses a cave was baby boy face just this

morning braids unplaiting phosphorous

wordless exhaust smoke shock


what is it that remains of us now

then what is recyclable in us


men’s beards carry their lineage

refracted memory drones

drummed ears echo frequency

children call for siblings reborn

skulls fracture eyes the color purple

here the steeliest doctors weep


the sea waves shelled boys

sirens post explosions


all is shrapnel and hunger

none is safe all are waiting

between wall and wait and sea

and wall there is no day

what are we

flares rain metal escalation


descent upon heads ladders of spine collapse

night eats sleep the people hold fasts


children of lightening no rain

sewage into water skin flamed to ash

the women’s faces track lifelines

grief upon grief astronomical

dust was people last night

tunnel is the people now


raising horizon in coffins

there is no recovery


she says they light the night with bombs

she says that’s not the sun at all

she says this is a crime against my heart

she says nothing

   touch me

she says listen


we are shelter and target

we are stars exploded


the people run into themselves for refuge

they catch up to their ghosts

between devastate and displace

what is destroyed again is everything

what is created is a hole

an other



                           suheir hammad

(via thatonesuheirhammad)

That Southeast Asian heat got my melanin smackin. #Hanoi (at Hoam Kiem Lake)

That Southeast Asian heat got my melanin smackin. #Hanoi (at Hoam Kiem Lake)

Saturday, July 26
Florence, Italy

Hi mom

I’m guessing you would probably enjoy Italy. The cathedrals, the Roman Catholic monuments, the pope… Quite a beautiful place.

I imagine you going through each church with the usual ritual: fingers dipped in holy water, sign of the cross, the quick kneel, a pew to sit and pray. You probably would be less impressed with the artwork and architecture than I am; your faith was never about aesthetics. I would probably get impatient after taking all my pictures. But your life of worship was something I always admired. I know your devotion was what kept you going, despite the poverty, despite being all alone an broke when you first arrived in America, despite raising a son on your own.

And here I am. Out in the world, trying to make sense of my grief, coming to terms with your transition. I find myself still going about things as if you were still alive, coming across things I consider getting for you, thinking about giving you a call.

I am at a train station in Florence right now and it is pouring rain. While life goes on, some moments allow us to be with our grief. My backpack is heavy with clothing and toiletries, but the only thing I feel is the weight of your altar, your memory.

Shout out to all the folks who suggested I rent a bicycle out here in #Florence. Ahhhh so perfect.  (at Florence, Italy)

Shout out to all the folks who suggested I rent a bicycle out here in #Florence. Ahhhh so perfect. (at Florence, Italy)

Florence, Italy

My first morning in Florence. Wide awake at 6am. I hadn’t slept all night.

A pesky mosquito kept me on guard. I was tired of getting bitten.

Perhaps the solitude was making me restless. This feeling of captivity in my foreignness.

I almost prefer the tourist traps at this point. The false hospitality of service workers is the closest thing I can find to comfort nowadays.

Why did I even come here?

For moments like this.

#196 Because of harmful male gender roles.


Feminism isn’t only about giving women access (or acknowledging the prescence and work of women) in male-dominated fields. It is also about elevating the status of what is traditionally considered as “female” or “girly” and opening up rigid gender roles. If behaviours and activites that we often identify as female are no longer seen as negative and inferior, they lose their power as insults and will not be considered undesirable qualities in a man. 

One of the biggest light bulbs that went off for me in my life was when I realized how much patriarchy and sexism had damaged me. How I struggled to overcompensate for all the ways I didn’t fit into the “man box” and therefore denied myself my own humanity. I’m still undoing that damage even to this day.

Everyday People: Interview with Kiwi


Mornin’ folks, here I have the 2nd installment of Everyday People, my mini-interview series featuring folks in the community. Today I’m interviewing the homie Kiwi, a Filipino MC/educator from Los Angeles but currently based in the Bay Area. Along with Bambu and DJ Phatrick, Kiwi was apart of…

Not quite the Oakland Coliseum. #Rome  (at Colosseum)

Not quite the Oakland Coliseum. #Rome (at Colosseum)